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About DigiJo_

For over 10 years, I've has helped Belfast businesses attract and convert new customers.

Google Specialist

Behind The Mask

My name is Joseph Johnston and I am a Web Design and SEO consultant based in Belfast. To seperate my consultancy work with my personal life, I use the name DigiJo - a combination and minification of the name Digital Joe (Rocket Science!).


Black Hat SEO (Bad)

My first taste of SEO and web design was certainly not something to be proud of. Over 15 years ago, I had too much time on my young hands and decided to dabble in the world of Black Hat SEO, bots and Ad Sense.


White Hat SEO (Good)

At the beginning, the return on investment was incredible but short lived. Google noticed what I was doing and penalised my sites. I decided to stop with the dark arts of SEO and follow the light (White Hat SEO).


Web Design Time

Before moving to white hat SEO, I designed simple static websites in HTML and minimal CSS. Moving to white hat SEO helped me consider the design and flow of a website. I was quickly hooked and my love for web design was born.


The Rest Is History

Thankfully, I've continued to succeed with Web Design and SEO for 10 years. I feel privileged to work with two subjects I love. Over the years, I've utilised my skills in both fields to bring success to local companies. This is my true passion, helping local companies succeed.


The important part of my life

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my convivial, and beautiful girlfriend Amy Harvey. We both live and have grew up in Belfast. If you've never been, I recommend going; it's cheap, friendly and has a huge backlog of interesting history.


Casual Coffee

Like other digital enthusiasts I enjoy coffee. On Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, you'll often find me touring Belfast's finest coffee shops with my trustee laptop. If you enjoy coffee, marketing, and live in Belfast, consider joining me sometime. I'm always open for casual chats with likeminded people, especially when it's about digital marketing, web design and SEO.