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What is Web Design

Web design is a popular digital component of design, where electronic files are compiled and presented over the internet. It’s often mixed up with web development. As a Belfast web designer talking to a fellow enthusiast, I think it’s important to explain the difference between web design and web development. Web design consists of the defining the look and feel of a website. Web development involves turning those designs into a live website. At DigiJo, I provide you with both services, and I do it with attention and quality.

What is web design

Why you need a DigiJo website

The condition of your website directly represents the quality of your company. It’s your digital shop window and your shop is positioned in the largest shopping centre in the world. You need your website looking good, positioned well and converting, and that’s where I come in. I promise a different level of quality.

1. Quick, Fast, and Speedy

My websites are built on performance. I take pride in the speed of our websites, which is why I offer our customers static websites, built with leading technology such as Hugo or Gatsby. Think the Usain Bolts of web design.

2. SEO enabled

DigiJo's websites are crafted from the ground up to be optimised for search engines. I understand how web frameworks and search engines work and I will build your website and create findable content to attact your business new customers!

3. Mobile Optimised

On average, 75% of website traffic is now served over smartphones - therefore it’s critical that your website's user experience is optimised for mobile devices. With DigiJo, your website will be designed mobile-first using responsive web frameworks.

4. User centred design

Great UX lives in the background taking your users on meaningful journeys. DigiJo will run tests to ensure your website is performing incredibly. Your users will fully enjoy their experience with your website and you’ll see them return time and time again.

5. Lead-driven

All my websites are lead-driven. A key metric for your website will be acquisition. From the coloursDigiJoI use, to the positioning of content, your website will be optimised and converting leads in no time. DigiJo feel you'll enjoy this benefit the most.

6. Beautifully Designed

DigiJo designs websites with an obsessive approach to aesthetics for a seamless user experience across all devices. Your new website will look beautiful as it boosts engagement and converts those new leads.

Stat Attack_

33% of consumers start mobile research with a branded website, only 26% with a mobile app. Smart Insights

Types of websites_


CMS - WordPress

WordPress is the world's most popular content management system, with around 59% market share (W3tech's CMS Survey).

WordPress is extremely easy to use. You do need to know how to code to make changes to a WordPress website. That's the beauty of it - simplicity and control.

You can make changes to your new website from anywhere in the world on any device. You can also have multiple users, and assign access levels around your team.

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Static Website - Hugo

Hugo is the world's fastest framework for building websites. It really is lightning fast - it's built on top of Google's programming language Go. Hugo is an SSG (Static Website Generator). An SSG is a framework which compiles static files and outputs a website.

Hugo is also extremely flexible. With Hugo, I will code your website from the ground up, making it completely bespoke. Your website, your design!

Static webites are extremely easy to manage. They do not require updating, unlike WordPress which requires updating roughly every month. With Hugo, your website can sit for years without updating and perform perfectly.

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PWA - Gatsby

Gatsby is a static PWA generator for React. PWA stands for progressive web app. A progressive web app use modern technologies to deliver websites which are also apps. With a PWA you get a website and an app so your users can download your website and use it offline!

Gatsby is leading the way in the PWA generator market. It's fast, secure and combines with modern technologies to offer a great environment for building modern websites.

PWAs are the future of web design and I'm happy to futureproof your digital presence. I can even add WordPress to your Gatsby website, making it easier to edit. I'm truly excited by this technology and you should be too.


Success Story_


7TG required a website that was secure, hosted locally and responsive. As an international business, it was important the website performed across multiple geographical locations. Hugo was the perfect platform for 7TG. It is secure, easily hosted and super fast.


All Systems Grow_

1. Discover

I understand your objectives and market. We plan your triumph.

2. Analyse

I dig deep into your business data to identify recipes for success.

3. Implement

With a great strategy at hand, I get to work delivering you success.

4. Optimise

We continue to optimise, your solution continues to improve.

Success Is Just Around The Corner

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